Competitive Analysis Hack: Find Blogs Linking to Your Competitors

Building links on sites that publish content on a regular basis is easier than having someone change hard coded content. Blogs need to publish on a regular basis or they will lose their audience.

Luckily, you can find most of the blogs linking to a competitor using Screaming Frog.

Step 1) download all your competitor’s historic links from Majestic. Delete everything but the data in the source URL column:

Step 2) Delete duplicates and save it as a .csv file.

Step 3) Upload the file into Screaming Frog using “List Mode”

Step 4) Create the following custom filters:

For the most part, Filter 1’s export will be all blogs, and filter export two will be everything else.

For Filter 1’s export, I like to format it into a prospecting pivot table and add all of the high value link targets I find into Buzzstream.

John-Henry Scherck

John-Henry Scherck is the owner of Growth Plays, a B2B content strategy and SEO consultancy based in Los Angeles. He works with founders, marketers, and investors to plan, build and refine growth marketing initiatives using a common sense approach.